Posted on 01/11/2013

Ok so recently i was asked by the fabulous Billetto UK to write up some of my favourite places and happenings around Manchester for the fashion sector, so i set on my mission to find some great places. I chose a few little places in the northern quarter (obviously) and also mentioned about Lou Lou's Vintage Fashion Fair which is taking place on the 16th of November in the Sackville Building! GET THERE!! It's going to be a god one! Read my full post and other amazingness on their site here.

Doing some blogging tonight, been busy with uni and work and uni and work and uni and work, so it's back to it tonight and tomorrow for some of my newness! 

... Elysia x 


Posted on 20/10/2013

Dress - Topshop (old) / Bag - Accessorize / Boots - Topshop / Bracelets - Ebay and h&m

This dress is ridiculously old, but you know you can always style the same kinda outfit the same anyways :) I was going through my wardrobe as it definitely needs sorting out, i have so much in there its a joke, a lot of it is years old too and there is no chance of me wearing any of the pieces or fitting in to them!!!

This is my favouriteeee bag ever! My dad brought it me about 3 years ago but accessorize always have beaded embroidered little bags like this perfect for slouching over your shoulder to give a pop to any outfit! Its also in good shape still, which is surprising because i bulk it out stupidly when I'm getting ready at a friends. I have been home this weekend, again, planning things for my paps birthday and shopping again, brought some super black shoes from River Island in the sale. And i'm a size 4 so i get all the good picks.. (i fit in to a size 3 in the pair i brought....) It's been noticed that my feet are shrinking over the years, anyway its Monday tomorrow i know how you all feel.

Night lovers.. E x


Posted on 16/10/2013

Ok so recently i was accepted to join the Motel Rocks Street Team, which I'm absolutely chuffed about (yay)! So it comes to say that I will be crushing over them so much more than i already do secretly in my little office at home! I have had an amazing package through the door.. The Lilah Jumpsuit in Blue.. Gah dying! So perfect! This is available here



Posted on 14/10/2013

Trousers - Charity Shop and Reworked / Top - Charity Shop / Necklace - My Own

A pair of white trousers in my opinion should be a staple in any girls wardrobe, just like a LBD or a pair of smashing black boots (but i know we all have those anyway) I picked these tailored pants up from a charity shop in a size 16 and just hand stitched them in at the front to create this pleated look... would you have ever known!? There's a better photo of me in them below from Manchester Vogue Fashion Night Out. Yet again, the top is also from a charity shop. Silver, Gold and Holographic seem to be a key trend this season that not many people are aware of, and when i saw this top and noticed it was paisley print too.. well i had to get it for £3.. who wouldn't. My choker is genuinely a pair of tights cut up and rolled in to a strange with a vintage pendant on it! Shabbang. 
I have had a weekend at home this week with the family, as i was a very lucky girl and got put off work! Never happens by the way! My paps treated me to a beautiful new leather bag which will be featured soon and i also picked myself up some amazing silver heels from Topshop. I've been shopper happy.. too much! 

... E x


Posted on 12/10/2013

Gillet - h&m / Trousers - Charity Shop / Boots - Topshop / Bag - TKMaxx

Obviously i had to wear my sky scraper platform boots, it proved a little difficult going up and down the escalators in Selfridges all night, but i managed! 

Dress - Asos / Shoes - Ebay / Bag - Mango

Coat - Topshop / Jumper -h&m / Skirt - Zara / Bag - Asos

So we were wondering around and obviously wanted a drink, so why not hop on the free whiskey band wagon, On the rocks please!

With my girls at the free bar, this photo was taken from the super nice Emily Sheffield, Deputy Editor of British Vogue who stopped us for a photo... this made my night! We did get photographs taken for street style projects too, so we were all happy girlies.

Popcorn machines, hot dog machines and endless amounts of chocolate flavoured lager, Selfridges was littered with all sorts of goodies for the fashion night out. We jumped straight on the candy floss man, obviously, to get a sweet treat before having a look around at everything that was happening. Starting with Radio 1's Jameela Jamil doing an amazing dj set up on the 3rd floor, and finished with standing outside dancing around to the ice cream van shaped DJ booth. We unfortunately missed the amazing Made In Chelsea cast at Harvey Nicholls which we were absolutely gutted about, especially meeting the cheeky Jamie Laing. But on the plus side we got free champagne and there were lots of fun things going on around the store! 

I won't babble on about it too much as most of you have probably heard copious amounts about it, but i would definitely recommend going next year if you missed it this year, especially now its moved to Manchester! YAY! 

... E x


Posted on 09/10/2013

Coat - River Island / Joggers - Missguided / Shoes - Topshop (old) / Jumper - Primark / 
Necklace - Topshop

Kanye West sports them so why can't us girls ehy?! These beauty's are a killer statement with any top jacket blazer etc. When i got my student loan these are the first item i purchased, but can you blame me? I saw a few snaps of them at LFW a few weeks ago and fell completely in love, just right for those lazy days where you want to look good, but maybe just want to put something comfy on too. These jogger pants actually go really well styled with holographic strappy sandal heels which can be brought from boohoo, and a silk cami top which are pretty much available everywhere! (An outfit of mine from a few nights ago).

 I was after a new coat for a while, one that would serve me right in the cold but that was also light weight. River Island have done the perfect combination in this tailored white, slightly masculine line version. The zips and lapels give it that biker chick edge too. It's a pain to keep clean but it is worth the sacrifice when something looks this good with any outfit. Grab yours here! 

I wish i could wear this outfit everywhere, even on holiday, but that would be silly. Speaking of holidays, I am in the process of looking for somewhere nice to go. However having a birthday on boxing day proves difficult to get time off from anything, yawn! Now i'm off to my friends after a long day at work, completing a street style interview for university and blogging.. to eat as much pizza, drink as much wine, and watch as many awesome films as we can! 
Happy Evenings guys

...Elysia x

I'm on a mission to get somewhere new to shoot my blog, as the cellar is proving quite boring to me now, I'd love to know what you think!!


Posted on 08/10/2013

Fur Gillet - Charity Shop / Skirt - H&M / Shirt - Topshop / Boots - H&M / Necklaces - Made

I apologise for my mullet style hair do in these photos, it was completely unintentional and I've only just noticed my business at the front, party at the back doo! Being as it is getting a tad chilly and gillets are a must have this season, as soon as i spotted this on the rail in my local charity shop i pounced on it, i didn't even look at the price... not that i had to in a charity shop but hey! And this little treasure was just £2.95!!! *Gasp* It kinda does go with everything too, when i am venturing out to uni or work, it works well over my leather jacket, as does my black gillet. This is the perfect skirt too, being mesh its not too warm and doesn't make you shiver your knickers off when your outside either! My boyfriend had some old crystals knocking around so i cut some velvet necklace rope and threaded it on, now i have my favourite ever piece of jewellery!!

Also, who started off this horrible flu that's being passed around!? I have fell latest victim and its no fun struggling to even breathe through a nostril! But ... there's always time for a blog post!!!

I'm currently in the process of planning an outfit for Vogues Fashion Night Out in Manchester this Thursday, and I am completely gutted that the perfect pink pvc skirt from Topshop has sold out... isn't everyone? My bank account might have to take a little hit tonight on ebay. 

... Elysia x


Posted on 30/09/2013

Trousers - River Island / Gillet - H&M / Necklace - Primark / Boots - Topshop

First off, apologies for being absent the past week, I've been so busy my heads nearly fell off! ...
I thought i would treat myself to something new being as I've been a busy girl all month, so i brought these absolutely faaaabulous trousers from River Island. I wanted some tartan pants for some time now since becoming a key trend this a/w, and couldn't quite find the right pair... low and behold i walked in to RI after work and these were right in front of me. I think they give a slight twist on the new tartan trend, as they are not quite the typical colours/pattern. Being high waist and getting a free belt was just a bloomin' bonus!

I do pair these with a leather jacket or black blazer sometimes and my hard edge vintage army boots or coltrane boots. This h&m fur gillet came about the exact same way as my trousers... on my lunch break. I need to stop going wondering and stay in the staff room! BUT the one i last brought has been slightly ruined in the terrible weather we had last winter, so a new one was in order. This beautiful garment looks great with anything, leather trousers and a black jumper underneath to create a classy outfit is one of my favourites, but it also looks great with patterned or ripped jeans, my white tailored pants style quite well with it also. 

The fedora hat is a key item this season with every high street store selling their version, and again goes with any outfit bringing it bang up to trend. My dad gave me his old vintage real gold watch a few years ago so i wore it to coincide with the gold on my belt and the necklace was a steal from Primark at £4! 

...E x


Posted on 23/09/2013

*Image lifestyle magazine online* 
John Rocha, Unique and Roksanda IIincic

Now i know to most people out there the pink long line coat is something that only the older generation with a trolley on the bus with UGG boots would wear right? NO! 

There has been dozes of hype around certain trends featured at LFW for SS13 collections by various designers, including the red structure, capes, turtle necks and even leopard print! One of these featured trends was the romantic soft dusty pink colour. Designers such as Mulberry included this colour through their cohesiveness in the way of trousers and also tops. However the big show stopper of the season in this new beautiful colour was the Coat! Ranging from fluffy, sparkly to structured smart designs, there were garments to fit every woman's lifestyle or style. It is a perfect combination of class and retro-ness; when i think of this colour i mostly associate it with that fashion of the 90's... baby pink mini dresses, over sized corduroy jackets and trousers, and even  the good old scrunchie. Bringing this colour back gives elegance a new meaning, adding a slight pinch of vintage to the mix to create the perfect new must have product.

Street Style photographed from shows this beauty wearing By Melanie Birger's version of the treasured pink coat. Below on the catwalk.

Therefore it goes without saying that this his is a 'must have' in every fashion forward woman's wardrobe for SS13, including mine! I've been scouring the internet to find the best high street versions of the designer labels and here's a few of my favourites.

 ** Masculine Studio Overcoat £179.00
This Take on the trend by Zara has more of a hard edge combining a softer pink with a masculine clean cut through the design. The combination of the two i think is perfect. I would probably style this with my ripped black denim and heavy grunge platforms from Topshop to give it that edge. Maybe even my fedora?

 ** Vintage style Cocoon Coat £110.00

Now i must admit im slightly obsessed with this one by Asos, they've hit the nail on the head with the colour and design in my opinion. Made from wool and being an over sized coat, it gives a super cute vintage feel to it, which i obviously love. Anything thrift and pretty and I am there. I brought a similar style last year in a camel colour and its great to just throw on, extremely warm and cosy too. The styling of this with the black boots is right up my street, i would maybe put a black or cream shift dress underneath this though. 

*Lifestyle Mag online*

Now ladies and gentlemen, here we have the Marks and Spencer's version. This little beautiful specimin of outwear sold out before it even hit the shelves nationwide! But why you ask? This is a steal and only £85.00 and matches everything wanted and needed for this trend. I myself also want this!!! But i can not get my hands on it, still. I'm hoping that is becomes available soon. Because M&S, we are waaaaitingggg. 

... E x


Posted on 20/09/2013

Blazer - Charity Shop / Skirt - H&M / Bracelets - Mostly Boyfriends Inherited 

There hasn't been many white blazers knocking around lately that have the oversized look, yes ok, fitted ones that resemble tux's.. which i actually have, but i wanted one that had more detailing on it that was appropriate for both seasons and a variety of different occasions. So when i found this one i bounced on it! It was originally part of a skirt suit however i just brought the jacket as i didn't want the skirt, although now i kinda regret it! The detailing on the front, back and shoulders of this is exquisite, capturing both elegance and something a bit different. It's a slightly off colour white which i suppose is better than bright white for this because it will be easier to maintain the colour of the garment. 

Skirts are still being carried in to the autumn winter styles as we've seen in stores and online with companies new a/w lines. Of course  and especially... leather! I actually brought this skirt last year however they are around everywhere this season so it'll be easy enough to pick yourself one up!! Its a nice hard soft contrast with the blazer, both the style and the colour of them. 

In my opinion, sometimes, you can't beat a bit of sterling silver, and these bracelets all bundled together are perfect to create either a rocky look or a boho vibe with longer flowy outfits. My green one is the favourite out of the bunch. My mom wants to steal the rest off me ... naughty! 

Anyway G'night Guys... E x


Posted on 19/09/2013

Skirt - Forever 21 / Shirt - Charity Shop / Boots - RI / Jewels - Homemade / Skull Ring - RI (old)

I kinda get that i look a little bit bag lady in this post, but i loooove it. Its such a comfy outfit and adding the plait in my hair made it even more boho-esque with an old school gypsy vibe. I've had a day off work today so i stumbled down the cellar again for this post, the rain doesn't make anything fun! 

I could see myself in an old film in this in a little carriage with my horses and dream catchers hanging around everywhere. The shirt i picked up for a bargain 2.50 from a chairty shop, also big enough to wear as a cover up when its open. OH and it has liccle flowers on it, super cute! Lace is always a style killer (in a good way), whatever garment you wear. This one from Forever 21 is high waisted, and to be truthful, its huge on me because i brought the wrong size, oops! BUT it works as a skirt that sits on your hips or you could style it with a belt to nip it in on the waist!

I do hope i can keep up these blog posts now im starting uni again next week, i'm going to be a super busy nerd with work n all but i will make it happen!

Happy (but sad) Rainy days... Elysia x